What We Offer


Phil, originally from South Wales, now has over a decade of coaching experience and expertise. He has coached widely in schools in Kent and his classes are very popular. They fill up quickly and are often overbooked.

Sessions are typically 45 minutes long with an emphasis on fencing rather than monologuing. Kit is provided which reduces the cost for students.


Students should expect to be ready to take their first award (yellow badge) after 12 weeks and able to attend a local club, or novice competition soon after.   

Normal Sessions: 

  • 350 N Fencing Masks

  • 350 N Jackets

  • 800 N Plastrons

  • Fencing Gloves

  • Size 0-2 Sabres

  • Foam Sabres

Students will need: Tracksuit bottoms, non-marking shoes and a t-shirt.

Occasional/Advanced Sessions

  • 350-800 N Electric Masks

  • 350 N Breeches (limited)

  • 800 N Plastron

  • 800 N Gloves

  • Fencing Bodywires

  • Head Wires

  • Electric Jackets

  • Electric Scoring Boxes and Equipment

Students may also need: long socks.