Covid-19 Update:

The latest advice from our governing body, British Fencing, can be found here:


Good news! The club will return to outdoor club nights from the 31.03.21. S&C/Fitness sessions will be available to book before each Main Session and limited 1-on-1 lessons are also now included as tickets. Another change is that beginners will now be able to return to the club, or start fencing. If anyone would like a refresher, for a week or more, they can also book into these classes. Bookings remain week-to-week and full refunds will be issued if the sessions have to be cancelled due to bad weather. All fencers and officials must be current BFA members and fencers must complete a pre-session health check before each session. Kit can be loaned on request, but own kit is recommended. 



We are now offering 1-on-1 lessons in student's gardens providing that they have a suitable space that is free of dangers or obstacles. This will usually be a minimum of 3x3 metres flat space with access to an entrance that does not require entering the house.

Lessons will consist of 15 minutes 1-on-1 sword in hand training as well as warm up, footwork, S&C and cool-down. 

A 1 hour session will cost £35.00 plus mileage. Payment will be by invoice at the end of the month. NB: The quote for mileage will be a maximum amount that might be charged and will be based on the distance between the coach's house and the venue. The mileage charge may be less if other lessons take place near by.

Students will need to wear either a face mask or mask shield during the 1-on-1 lesson. The coach will adapt the intensity of the lesson according to factors such as weather conditions and whether or not a face mask is being worn. 

If the weather is poor, the lesson may be cancelled at late notice. Please ensure that your contact number is correct.

A parent or guardian must be present if the student is U18. The Parent/Guardian is expected to read and agree to the Risk Assessment before the lesson.

Students must be members of British Fencing.

An online 'Pre Session Health Check' must be completed on the day of each lesson.


Equipment can be borrowed for the session. It will be santised and cleaned thoroughly between sessions. However, this is a good time to purchase equipment if you expect to be fencing long term or were thinking of doing so anyway. Particularly masks and gloves which are considered the most high risk areas for transmission.

We recommend that the student brings a yoga mat, towel and bottle of water to the session.

For enquiries, please contact Phil at